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Indian Packers Group (IPG Group)

Ipg logo

Packers and movers Jamnagar

Branch Code:IPG084
Company Name:Shree Vinayak Packers And Movers
Owner:Dinesh Kumar Beniwal
Mobile Number:9224435300
WhatsApp Number:9224435300
Location:Plot No. 11, Oppo- MaldhariHotel, Near Nayara Pump, Dhicha Ring Road, Jamnagar Gujrat
GST No.: 


IPG- Indian Packers Group is a leading Top Packers and movers JamnagarBest Packers and movers Jamnagar that has proved their strong presence in entire country, and has been in the trade of packing and moving from decades. We Packers and movers Jamnagar have a well-structured and trained team of employees who has expertise in packing each and every item as per the quality and nature of material.

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Reduce The Stress Of Moving And Try Our Full Packing Service. Our Expert Movers And Packers Make Sure Every Item Is Perfectly Packed And Delivered Safely.

Packing and Unpacking

We are providing packing & unpacking services for customers' valuable goods items and furniture. because goods safety

Loading Unloading

Unloading facilities are also provided by Pig in All India and in which this work is done successfully by Indian Packers Group.

Warehouse Service

IPG - providing warehouse service for part load and goods store service. If you hold goods item some day. We are Manage this issue

Part Load

IPG- India Packers Group also providing Part Load service all India and also international

Car Carrier Service

IPG providing car & bike carrier service availble all India.We are always safely and carefully relocate your vehicle

Transportation Service

IPG-providing transportation service all India.we are availble vehicle for local & domistc shifting services

How Much Do Local Packers and Movers Cost?

IPG – Indian Packers Group within a city can be far better pricing than moving from one city to another location by virtue of the reduced travel time in the shifting process.

In the process of a local move, the moving packs the necessary items only because there is hardly a chance of damage to the goods in moving.

In general terms, original moving is cheaper than long- distance moving. But it isn’t always true. Off and on, intercity moving can be cheaper than original moving. The reason is the total volume & weight of particulars you want to shift. For illustration, a long- distance move with many particulars can be cheaper than moving locally with a 5 BHK family house.

So, what will be the approximate packers and carriers charges for original stirring?

Still, original packers and carriers charges range from Rs., If you’re moving down the road or from one position to another within the same megacity.4000 to Rs.20000 .

You might be interested in knowing the price according to the size of your home. For example,

  • How much does a moving company Charges if you are moving out of a 1 BHK home?
  • How much does a moving company Charges if you are moving out of a 2 BHK home?
  • How much does a moving company Charges if you are moving out of a 3 BHK home?

Depending on the size of the home (total weight & volume of household items,Floor, Electronic Items), the packers and movers pricing for local shifting are as follows.

  • 1 BHK home shifting approximate Charges: Rs. 5,000 – 12,000
  • 2 BHK home shifting approximate costs: Rs. 7,500 – 17,000
  • 3 BHK home shifting approximate costs: Rs. 11,000 – 25,000

The below price chart will give you more clear information about the packers and movers pricing for local shifting.

Local Packers and Movers Price List

Price Breakup/Move Size1 BHK (Standard – Big)2 BHK (Standard – Big)3 BHK (Standard – Big)
Packing CostsRs. 1,300 – 3500Rs. 1,600 – 4600Rs. 3,200 – 6,500
Labour ChargesRs. 1,100 – 3,000Rs. 1,400 – 4,400Rs. 2,800 – 5,500
Transport CostsRs. 1,600 – 4,500Rs. 3,500 – 7,000Rs. 4,000 – 8,000
Approx. Total CostsRs. 4,000 – 11,000Rs. 6,500 – 16,000Rs. 10,000 – 20,000

Intercity / Interstate Packers and Movers Price List

Move Type/Distance100 – 350 km350 – 750 km750 – 1200 km1200 – 1700 km1700 – 2300 km2300 – 3000 km
1 BHKRs. 11,000 – 21,000Rs. 13,500 – 22,500Rs. 15,500 – 25,500Rs. 18,500 – 27,000Rs. 21,000 – 30,000Rs. 23,450 – 36,700
2 BHKRs. 15,000 – 25,000Rs. 17,500 – 28,500Rs. 20,000 – 31,000Rs. 23,000 – 36,000Rs. 27,000 – 40,000Rs. 29,300 – 45,850
3 BHKRs. 18,000 – 30,000Rs. 21,000 – 34,000Rs. 23,500 – 38,000Rs. 27,500 – 42,000Rs. 32,000 – 48,000Rs. 35,250 – 54,640
4+ BHK/VillaRs. 22,500 – 34,500Rs. 26,000 – 39,000Rs. 29,000 – 45,000Rs. 34,000 – 47,500Rs. 38,000 – 55,000Rs. 41,000 – 60,000

What are the Charges for Car & Bike Transportation Services?

In the case of intercity or interstate moves, people often need professional services for vehicle transportation. For example, if you need to move your bike from Delhi to Bangalore, then you cannot drive it yourself. You will look for someone that can transport your bike safely from pune to Bangalore.

Similarly, it would be extremely difficult to drive a car from one city to another far distant city. Imagine you need to take your car from Patna to Chennai. Would you like to drive the car or hire a professional car transport service? We are pretty sure that you will go with hiring a professional vehicle transportation service.

The only concern you will have in mind is how much the moving company will charge for transporting the car. But you have nothing to worry about, we will let you know the approximate charges for transporting a car or a bike from one city to another.

By and large, professional packers and movers or independent transport companies charge by the type of vehicle and the distance between the two cities.

For example, car transportation charges will range from Rs. 9,000 – 17,000 for a distance of 750 – 1200 km. And the bike transportation costs will range from Rs. 4,500 – 9,000 for 750 – 1200 km distance.

Below is the price chart that will clearly give you an idea about transporting a vehicle from one city to another based on the distance.

Car & Bike Transportation Price

Move Type/Distance 100 – 350 km 350 – 750 km 750 – 1200 km 1200 – 1700 km 1700 – 2300 km 2300 – 3000 km
4-Wheeler (Car) Rs. 5,500 – 11,000 Rs. 7,500 – 14,000 Rs. 9,000 – 17,000 Rs. 11,000 – 20,000 Rs. 13,000 – 23,000 Rs. 15,000 – 26,000
2-Wheeler (Bike) Rs. 2,800 – 5,800 Rs. 3,500 – 7,000 Rs. 4,500 – 9,000 Rs. 6,500 – 12,000 Rs. 7,000 – 12,500 Rs. 8,000 – 15,000
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